Online survey European Truck Platooning Challenge

March 13, 2016 339 keer bekeken

We are conducting an online survey to help define a roadmap truck platooning towards 2020 and beyond.

The aim of the Challenge is to bring truck platooning (smart mobility) one step closer to implementation. Indeed, we believe that truck platooning can become a reality in Europe in the near future. In the wake of this first challenge, we have to look to the next set of potential for truck platooning via Trans European Transport Network (TenT)-corridors in real traffic and cross border situations, and on a major scale. To this end we need to define the steps, content and conditions for future pilots.

This short survey aims to collect and collate views around truck platooning. Hence, the importance of your participation. By participating and sharing your knowledge, you will help us identify key challenges and barriers. In turn, this will help draft a broadly supported roadmap towards commercial deployment of truck platooning.

The first part of the survey comprises open questions; the second is made up of closed questions on topics including Technology, Business Case, Human Factors, Legal Issues, Infrastructure, and Deployment. All responses will be treated with full confidentiality and will be processed by TNO. The results will be open to unrestricted/public access.

Your active participation would be greatly appreciated.

Click here for the survey.