Twelve reasons why truck platooning will be a success

May 11, 2016 492 keer bekeken

‘Trains’ of trucks (truck platooning) will be driving on our motorways before the end of the year. Large companies such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Unilever are embracing this innovative concept. Preparations for the first real practice tests are already underway.

Truck platooning makes road transport faster, cheaper, cleaner and safer while at the same time increasing road capacity. Lower fuel consumption. Lower CO2 emissions. Fewer traffic jams. Improved road safety with fewer accidents such as rear-end collisions. Improved traffic flow. Drivers are more rested, so they are more productive. Faster transport. Truck platooning has benefits for everyone involved.

Rosy future
It has many other benefits too, so it seems that trucks driving cooperatively in a convoy have a rosy future. Dutch research institute TNO sets out the benefits in this article, together with brief explanations.

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