Truck Platooning Challenge present at TEN-T days

June 20, 2016 560 keer bekeken

The 16th edition of TENT-T days is scheduled for 20 to 22 June in Rotterdam. More than 1,300 participants have already registered. The EU Truck Platooning Challenge will also have a presence.

The annual event for senior civil service members covers European policy on infrastructure, the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and the financing facility for European connections (CEF).

Violeta Bulc, European Transport Commissioner, working together with the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and Melanie Schultz van Haegen, the Dutch minister for Infrastructure and the Environment, invites ministers, MEPs and key stakeholders to Rotterdam to discuss the development of the Trans-European Transport Network. There will be a special focus on the Core Network Corridors, ERTMS and Motorways of the Sea (MoS), including implementation and financing.

Efficient transportation network
The event will involve all key players in realisation of an efficient transport network – as required by Europe. This means EU ministers, MEPs, the European Commission, TEN-T-coordinators, the European Investment bank, ministers from countries bordering the EU plus all stakeholders from the TEN-T community, including project leaders and private investors. With the structure of priorities within the EU budget being reconsidered, they will jointly examine the major challenges around stimulation of investment in transportation. To this end TEN-T Days 2016 features a dedicated ‘Investors Conference’ on boosting funding and financing around transport infrastructure.

Innovative ideas
Other equally important gatherings include a plenary session at 16.30 hrs on Monday 20 June, namely the ‘TEN-T Corridors: Forerunners of a Forward-looking European Transport System’. The session offers selected industrial and public-sector representatives the opportunity to make concise statements (generally three minutes max.). These statements will feature genuinely innovative ideas while demonstrating their potential for taking policy further. Speakers will include Dirk-Jan de Bruijn, programme director, on behalf of the EU Truck Platooning Challenge.

EU TPC 2016
At 16.30 hrs. the following day, Tuesday 21 June, De Bruijn will be sharing the findings and results of the Truck Platooning Challenge during the meeting on 'ITS connected vehicles on European Roads in 2019'. TEN-T Days will also host an exhibition featuring an indoor showcase of over 100 TEN-T, CEF, H2020 and Shift-to-Rail projects and initiatives. All exhibits are contributing to European transport research and infrastructure, and as a promising ITS solution the European Truck Platooning Challenge will also be featured.

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