Newsletter 3

  Year 1, No. 3, 21 January 2015
European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016
Year 1, No. 3, 21 January 2016
This newsletter is designed for and by everyone professionally involved in the realisation of truck platooning in Europe and the organisation of the EU Truck Platooning Challenge in 2016. Alongside current developments, this monthly newsletter will also cover knowledge-sharing and exchange, briefing of partners and making contacts. Contributions are always welcome.
‘It’s a start! As from 1 January the Netherlands holds the EU presidency. The wind is in our sails! The network around the EU Truck Platooning Challenge is also generating plenty of energy to implement the platooning concept. And we want to maintain that energy.' Read more >
Rijkswaterstaat aims to find out the practical implications of truck platooning for road management and safety - says André van Lammeren, director Accessibility and Infrastructure WVL (section Water, Traffic and Living environment at Rijkswaterstaat). Read more >

TNO: truck platooning spells a rich mix of sustainable benefits

“Truck platooning here involves self-driving trucks, in columns, heading for Rotterdam. At the same time, this saves fuel and boosts traffic flows.” Read more >
Jan Hendrik Dronkers
‘In the Port of Rotterdam we are always on the lookout for smart solutions to ensure logistic processes and where possible to improve them. Truck platooning could well be such a smart solution.’ Read more >
“A closed Invitational Conference will be held at the Intertraffic Fair at the RAI Amsterdam on 7 April, the day after the landing of the platoons at the APM Terminals on Maasvlakte 2. This conference forms part of the European Truck Platooning Challenge. Read more >
Secretariat European Truck Platooning Challenge
Merel van Beekum
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