Newsletter 9

  Year 1, No. 9, 4 July 2016
European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016
Year 1, No. 9, 4 July 2016
This newsletter is designed for and by everyone professionally involved in the realisation of truck platooning in Europe, based on the organisation of the EU Truck Platooning Challenge in 2016. Alongside current developments, this monthly newsletter will also cover knowledge-sharing and exchange, briefing of partners and making contacts. Contributions are always welcome.
The board of the Traffic Innovation Centre has appointed Dirk-Jan de Bruijn as its director. He succeeds Laurens Schrijnen, who wishes to take a step back next year, when he will reach pensionable age. Mr De Bruijn will take up his new position on 1 July 2016. Read more >

Lessons Learnt at core of TEN-T days

Just over two months after the successful Truck Platooning Challenge on 6 April, the initial evaluations and results were shared during the TEN-T days in Rotterdam. Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport, was presented with a brand new booklet entitled Lessons Learnt. Read more >

Commissioner Bulc receives first copy booklet Lessons Learnt

The first copy of the booklet Lessons Learnt on the European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016 was presented to EU commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc. Programme director EU Truck Platooning Challenge Dirk-Jan de Bruijn and author Tom Alkim (both Rijkswaterstaat) handed out the booklet. Read more >

From Challenge to Real Life Platooning Cases

Now that the dust of the Platooning Challenge has settled and we could snatch some satisfaction from the addictive success, we are back in business-as-usual mode. This is good news, because the next logical step for truck platooning has presented itself: preparation of real life cases in the Netherlands, i.e. getting practical experience with platoons on the public road. Read more >

Learning and showing - simply by doing!

'We showed what could be done if you simply combine forces', says EU TPC programme manager Dirk-Jan de Bruijn about the Challenge. 'The follow-up steps showed how fundamental the ‘learning by doing’ approach really is. Because no way are we going to conduct studies. Or produce heavy weight reports. We just roll-up our sleeves and get on with it. Step by step.' Read the blog >
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