Join us

Working together, the EU member states could give a real boost to European Truck Platooning. The more effort we put into building cooperation at the start of the innovation process, the less time we will have to spend on fine-tuning, harmonisation and standardisation. This means:

  • permission for truck platooning on EU members’ roads
  • implementing services on their corridors to improve safety and efficiency, while helping protect the environment
  • boosting the position of the European truck industry
  • creating economic growth in the traffic and transport sectors
  • a coordinated approach to enable market introduction of automated trucks
  • seizing the moment - time for action

The joint aim is to show that, today, truck platooning is feasible and safe. It is a first step towards a new form of mobility which can be reality as from 2020. Manufacturers have a considerable track record with advanced (driver) assistance systems. As yet many of these systems have not been approved for public roads. The EU’s Trade Policy Committee wants a demonstration of the systems that make traffic safer and more efficient within the current infrastructure, e.g. CACC or lane keeping.

Testing - how to join

Effective July 2015 the Netherlands has adapted regulations covering automated driving on the public road. And so, the sector can start practical testing. Test applications should be addressed to the RDW website (link opens in new window). A team of vehicle, road and behavioural specialists can provide advice.

Across Europe directors of the relevant ministries, and road and vehicle authorities have been approached by mail and personal visits regarding the EU TPC. The Netherlands seeks an optimal corridor and easy and safe access. The Dutch have a high-quality infrastructure and, in principle, this Challenge will not require special changes. An experienced driver will be needed, depending on the robustness of the advanced (driver) assistance systems. Following on from the demonstration the manufacturers will be very welcome to extend their admission. At present shippers are also being asked to offer their ‘commercial’ freight for transportation in platoons.

So, what are the benefits?

  • Access to the public road on the basis of clear criteria and expert checks
  • Potential upscaling and broad introduction
  • Showing the general public the potential offered by the technology
  • The opportunity for international agreements on the testing and admission of truck platoons on European corridors
  • The opportunity to actually transport freight with truck platoons
  • The further development of knowledge around:
    • Interaction between other road users and platoons
    • Plastic deformation of the road and engineering structures by truck platoons
    • Development of flexible and adaptive legislation
    • Possible (faster) market launch of self-driving trucks

Come and join us!

Let’s work together on the future of self-driving truck platoons. Let’s take the next step for Europe. Making the difference together!